Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rene Werner - Poker face

The poker shooting was realy a big mission for me .. first of all you dont get a casino that will give you permission to shoot in there casino so we had to come up with a second plan ... which was the Living room casino !!! Flash and reflectors where helping big time on this one and thanks to the crew for dressing up and filling up the background !!! and a big thanks to Rene and Kirsten (Models) for being so patient on this shoot.. thank you crew ....

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Homeless John - Street shooting

The shooting with john (model) was actually realy nerves an uncertain about the shoot but we had a littel chat with john and he agreed to do it with us ... but only if he will get a copy of the original image which was realy no problem ...we started the shoot and first of john became a Beer and a self rolled cigarette which made him so happy and made the sad mood go away for a small while ...thanks to the crew for supporting me with the flashes and reflectors... after the shoot john received some money from me and he was so happy to go and buy a big bag of KFC !!! Thanks once again ..to john ....

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