Sunday, May 30, 2010

HDR - Images

Hey Guys a While ago
I went out to take some HDR - Image's
Maybe some of you are familiar with it ....
if not ... Don't worry .. read on
It is a photo with 3 or 5 Different exposure's that you
have to take with a Tripod and when you done ..
open in Photoshop and join these images Together...
and do some Post-Production to get a that grunge look.

Now to the Photoshop part ...
Open Photoshop go to File > Automate >
Photomerge > Import Images > select a layout (Auto)
> tick of the box at the bottom witch says
( Blend Images Together ) > OK .
Photoshop has now combined the Images
and you can start doing some Post - production on it .

Try to work in Image >
Adjustments and use some Filter ..
Thanks Guy's if you have any question
just leave a comment...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Manni-Photography's YOUTUBE Channel...

Now Open Manni-Photography's YOUTUBE Channel..

URs-Productions and I started to work on a new
video for my Manni-Photography's YOUTUBE Channel..
Nothing big or Fancy just a Image - video to show my work
in a Quicker form.

... Enjoy the Video ...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

URs - Productions

..It's " GUEST BLOG WEDNESDAY " featuring


URs Productions, a small 3D animation and Visual Effects company
based in Germany´s media city Cologne, was set up by Arvid Schneider
in 2008. Since then URs Productions produced and directed
several music videos, product presentations and short films.
Arvid Schneider entered the 3D animation and Visual Effects
field in 2003 and worked mostly as a freelancer on low- and no-budget
productions. He met an African musician called
EES for whom Arvid directed and produced
two music videos, 123 ees-y and What Dey Fighting For?.
The short film called

was Arvid´s first animated short film, which he produced for his final
examination for his Film&Animation diploma. Arvid started to work for a
production company called Cape Cross GmbH as a visual effects
assistant in 2007. After a year he realized he had to start something on his
own, and in winter 2008 URs Productions was founded.
URs Productions is currently working on several projects, “Vault”, “
Unnatural” and a product presentation for which his skills are needed.
The company’s webpage can be viewed at
and the show-reel/portfolio of Arvid Schneider here
If you are looking for an own music video, short film,
3D product presentation or any kind of work which includes
3D animation, motion design and visual effects feel free to
contact URs Productions via email:
or see the website at : and
See the latest work on URs - Productions - YOUTUBE channel.

Monday, May 24, 2010



Model ( Stefan Mechaelis ) asked me to take
some shots of him while he was flying his choppa,
so he could use those images for his CV and I got a free
Helicopter Ride ... Sometimes I think you have a great live
as a photographer you get to meet new people all the
time and sometimes you even get lucky and score a flight.
HEHE... I tryed to make a Panoramic pic out of the choppa
While we where flying and yes I think it looks ok !
After we landed somewhere in a lost area I took a shoot
of stefan flying past me and right after that he just
landed right an front of me " Where I thought SH.@!!
he is so close he is going to chop of my head ...
But lucky I just drop onto the ground
and took some nice shoots there " !!!

Weel but Overall Big Thanks
again Stefan for that Flight I did realy Enjoy Flying With u !!!
As you can see on my face Expression ... hehehe

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Butterfly Effect

Gothic Shoot - CD Cover
This Theme is not so Typical my Style but
I enjoyed working on a Project like this and I think as a
good Photographer you should have the skill to do anything.
I Photographed the forest in early morning while the fog was still
hang in it .. and placed the model in with photoshop.

On This Image we used
One Flash Light straight at the subject and a good work
in Photoshop added some Textures and red eye Effect .
Tanks to the Crew and Makeup Artist [ Sylvia Eichhoff ] and
Model [ Mona Tingaete ]

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Glenfiddich Whiskey

Glenfiddich Whiskey - So strong it will break your Glass .

I used a big Black sheet With a kind of Triangle cut out

to get the light in this shape .. used a normal whiskey glass

and made it look Broken in Photoshop..

Hehe yes I did think of braking the glass

and then shoot it ,but how will do

something like that braking a expensive whiskey glass..

is not worth it.. so Once again Photoshop played a big roll.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Playstation - Boys

Crazy Playstation Players it is all about Wining The Football
Game..If you think you are wining, you are lossing it stay
focused and play ..Hate The player not the game .
I used a good setup with some strip lights on the left and right
side and some front lighting to lighten up there faces a
bit we used a green geel on the light to creat a
greenish effect That Normaly comes from the
tv screen ...
Thanks to the models Kieth Deutsch and Zaid Ely

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fresh - Beer - Camelthorn Brewing

One of the Finest Namibian beers Brewed with a passion.
CAMELTHORN BREWING... I was asked to do some Nice
product shots of the Camelthorn Beer FRESH .. again i used my
Black sheet with the triangle and some Orange light brushes in
Photoshop to create that flyby look . The Bottle reflections
came with a glossy bottom.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Football - Player - FIFA 2010

Football - Player - FIFA 2010

Stefan Sander ( Model ) The FOOTBALL player Theme was The Power of Light ..May the light shine on all South African supporters and players during Fifa 2010. We had a good shooting section in studio and combined it with a outdoor shoot of the Green Point stadium at night again I used a 50mm/lens at f9 an some lights/..A good section in PP - Post Production and was a fun shoot again ... Thanks to my crew and Model Stefan ..

Football - Player - FIFA 2010

The Cocaine Dealer

Anti - Drug - Campine -STOP - DRUGS

The Cocaine Dealer on his new mission to bring his cocaine

into our homes ! This Images was also photographed for

the ANTI-DRUG-BOOK to let addictive People see what controlled there lives.. and get a message to wake up and relays that it is not worth it to take these drugs.. Again I used a 2-Light setup and a big reflector to bring some front lighting onto the model and worked a lot in photoshop to give it a grunge effect and make the models skin look very bad.. because that is what cocaine does !!!!!

Thanks to Model ( Helgo Lange).

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