Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Magic Book

Once you opened the magic book there is no stopping

anymore !! It will suck you in ,and lets you forget everything

around you ! I had this crazy idea one night to just shot

someone with a glowing book in his hand and walking

in a doggie street ! I used a 2-light setup with one on

camera flash unit and taped a piece of purple geel

to get that purple light on the models face and a

cross lighting to get that light strips on his jacket.

was a fun shoot and thanks to Model

( Mandume Bachler )

The shoot was quit quick and easy !!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Drug - Shooting

Anti - Drug - Campaign..

Smoking weed is still ILLEGAL,
DANGEROUS and makes you

On the Market JAN- 2011.

Oreit so, we made
this setup to show people the reality.
First we tried to find a really odd place to
shoot this scene. Then got a Model Witch does
not take this stuff it was just tobacco rolled like a J.

So To the Photographic Part...
We used a good 3- light setup.. Left, Right and Front Light
Left and Right used two strip lights - Front light big 1,5m Octabox
on a Black Backdrop in studio !! For the Window we went on
Location Scouting Again and found a old factory in Woodstock
which had oldish windows that we could use as a
Background to make it more scary...
A bit of Photoshoping and There we go !!
Thanks to the model *( UNKOWN )
and Crew to Help out .
Hope u enjoy the Pic !

Hope that the
Book gives those how are
addictive a lost view at there past lives.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Schweppes - Ginger Ale

Schweppes - FRESH

I tried to Create that cold Fresh look ,

u just want to grab it and drink it feel the freshness in

your throat. Do you still remember that add from Coca cola ..

You get the can … Tick

You open it …. zschhhhh

You drink it … Glug glug ..

and After you done drinking it your hole Body goes …


I hope my Image represents That feeling to you guys ..

Miller Beer

Miller Beer

Not My favorite Beer but enjoyed work with it

and it does taste lekker so

if you haven't tried it yet ,

off you go !!!!

Used a big pool that we build with some black plastic and

a 2-light setup with strip lights and a lot of reflecting paper

and water to get the splashes and reflections .

Friday, April 9, 2010

Windhoek Draught

Windhoek Draught - Yes I must

admit this is my Favourite Beer maybe because

I am used to drink this at Home in Namibia … I think

One of the best beers ever .. has to be they won the

German competition in the category REINHEITSGEBOT best

German Beer brewed outside of Germany.

Was a good shoot with the pool again and used a 2-light

setup and a big front reflector to get a good exposure one the label .

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Street Racer

The best street racer Namibia has to offer..
Was a good and fast shoot - 3 light setup and no refectors or assitanse on location
only me and Marcel ( Model ) was fun and enjoyed working in a very clean workshop.Hope that Image will make Your Workshop look Pretty.
Used a 24-70mm/lens at f9 + Some light setup .
Thanks to Motorrad Technic for that clean location and (Model) MARCEL

Namibian Police Officer

Hey Mr. Officer You look like a MOVIE STAR ...

The namibian police wanted me to shoot the new brochure of the 2010 National police escort. One of their Best OFFICERS,stood to my Command and was realy easy and Lekka to work with. The shoot went quite quick and I did not realy have any problems using my new light - kit outside ( ON LOCATION ) and overall, I was realy happy with the end result of my work ,as you guys can see,the top image looks NICE !
Thanks to my crew and to
Officer Salim Jossobs .

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