Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Latest News

Hey Guys,
Hope u guys are still keen to
keep on reading my blog... Sorry was a bit of no Info the last weeks.
But this will have a change From NOW on ...

So what are the Latest News
I Have been to the Worlds Biggest Photo Event
I have never never seen so many Photographers,
Editors, and media people in one place.
It was a really good week and I had a lot of fun..
Got to meet a lot of new people working in the photography field
and many more.. I even had the privilege to
have a longer chat with Chase.. what a great person and
Yes I am a big fan of him.
Got to see the new Nikon D90 and D3000 Camera Release
and much more Stuff Well I will let the Pictures speak for them selves..

Leica Gallery

Me and my colleagues

Thanks guys .. stay tuned Manni

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Adventure Girl - Lost World

Hey Guys,
Hope you enjoy this one, I recently had a shot
with Philippa Muller with the Theme
LOST WORLD and Philippa as the
Out on her own to Save the world..

Was a Fun shoot with a lot of wind and Bright
sunlight so we ( My assistant "Dino Moulopolos" and I )
had to work our way around it, So Dino was Actually
hanging on the front-light keeping it down...
we used a Big 1,5 Octabox to get some Nice soft
front lighting and Some good detail on the model, used the sun
as a big back-lighting to push the model a bit away from Background.
So jA over all was a fun shoot and let Images Speak for them selves !!
Enjoy the Images.

And some Behind the scene Pix
small youtube video will be update soon !!

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