Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Link

Hey Guys
Its Sunday again and
I have a new Portfolio link
for you, Enjoy !

Wow I love Tim's work just what I want to see.
His work always has this touch of some roughness
but is still so clean and good and that
little extra punch from Photoshop.
And I have to say "some of you noticed it already"
that most of my Inspiration comes through Tim's work
his sport and lifestyle Images are just the hit for me
it is really worth it to have a peek into his Portfolio.

so guys I hope you enjoyed his Portfolio
and please feel free to leave some feedback and maybe
some of you have a great Portfolio link that you
want to share with me.. Just pop it into the Comment box.
enjoy the rest of your sunday and see back here tomorrow.

Thanks guys
Cheers Manni

Friday, October 29, 2010

Social Media World

Hey Guys

It's Blog time again and today I
don't really have a lot of Images or a super
Link, actually just a question.

Who of you guys
" Photographers " are really taking advantage
of this hole Social Media in the web world ?

Well for me it's where it all started first you
upload Images to Flickr, Picasa, and more later
to Photographic communities like DeviantArt and and and,
then you start making a profile on Facebook maybe
creating a group or page start getting fans
after time you start going over to twitter start following people
that you are interested in. Later you might
decide to create a Website or maybe even a blog.
And through all of that you did not even spend a cent !
It's all on a free Basis ! So why don't use it ?
you don't need to combine it with
your personal or social life, you could just talk
about your work and only post Images about the work !
Ok I am honest followers always want to see some
behind the scene photos so if you do some ..
you don't need to be on them or in them just
take a photo of your light-setup or what happened on the shoot
easy as that. My tip if you want to go more into a Professional
Photography level I would really see that you spend some money
for a good website and Blog.

so ok that's it for know please let me know what you guys think
about this and you guys are free to leave some comments !

Thanks guys
cheers manni

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Manni-Photography Workshop Concept

Hey Guys
Today I don't have really big and not so
useful Photography Blogpost, but a new
kind of thing for me and it could be Interesting for
some of you who really like my editing way.
Ok yes I have to be honest some of my Images are a bit
Contrasty and the editing looks a bit aggressive but I am in my
Fine-tuning weeks at the moment so be surprised to see some other
and a bit different Work in the future.

So listen up I am busy at the moment to
Make a concept for a Workshop where I show my Post
Production way and how I do my editing.
This will be about two to three Hours with life Photoshopping
and all participants can bring there " pc or mac " with
and work along with me and see step by step how I do the
Post Production. There will be a bit of an intro about how I
am and what I do, bit more like what Programs I use,
the way I shoot and with what Photography gear I work
plus Perspective and lighting and much more.

Unfortunately this Workshop will only be in Germany
at the moment, but from 2011 I will host some of these
and other Workshops in South africa.
So if you guys are interested in Manni-Photography
Workshops Keep on coming back to my blog and you
won't miss a singel workshop announcement.

So for this Workshop we will work through these
Images, From The Idea's to the final Images

From Lighting to Outfits, Perspective
and the Planning

Then Directly from the Photographic Part to
Post Production from RAW to JPEG
with Lightroom, Bridge, Photoshop,
Photomatix pro, filters, Plugins and much more.

so I hope you guys are interested in seeing and
learning my way, Plus techniques and a lot of Small extras
and a relative Quick Workflow and if you are interested
to have a Workshop in your city Please let me know.
These Things can always be arranged.

Thanks guys
Cheers Manni

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Creative Photo Walk

Hey guys
Today I have a really new kind of post.

The Creative Walk so this
was my first CP - Walk In
Mannheim with Calvin and Andy
the idea behind this Photowalk is that
you meet up with a view other Photographers
and together start a photowalk where you walk for say 3 hours max
through a city and take some shoot's but not just random Images.
Images that have a meaning behind it and those can be Photoshopped a bit
to get a more Creative view from it say for instant with filters.
So this hole Project photowalk has some rules plus you
get to see how good and creative you photo partners are and
the most important part is it train's your Photographic eye.


The walk can be max 3 hours.

Everyone can select 5 of his best photos
for some Post Production.

Those 5 Images must be Photoshopped in max 1 hour.

Those 5 Images must be uploaded either on you blog,website
or where ever you like.

So to start of I will show u my First image of the
Creative PhotoWalk

This bike was just a spark in my eye and I had the Idea
to create a old look with this photo not quite what I wanted
but its fine for know.

As some of you guys might know I love to take HDR images
so this was my Hdr for the day not quite the best Post Production
but for 1 hour editing time ok

And yes you can .. That is what I thought when I took this
Picture and actually wanted to create the Obama look but didn't
work out so quickly, so I just left it with this.

Ok I am honest this Image is really Boring and was more
of a Snap shoot but I had to deliver 5 images so I gave it my best try
for the beginning.

With the last Image I had this End of the World shoot in my head
Where the city is full of dust and near to the end,
with a quite wearied perspective.

So to end this Post I thought i will tell
you One last time how it works.

1. you meet up with other Photographers
2. You start a Creative Photowalk
3. After that meet up for an 1 hour Post Production
4. Upload it to the web
5. Compare and exchange some thoughts through a
Quick Presentation.

Let me know what you Guys Think about a
Creative Photowalk and if you guys would be keen to
Host another one some time ?

Thanks guys
Cheers Manni

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Link

Hey Guys
Today I only have a Sunday Portfolio Link
what do you guy's think about it ?
Do some of you have a favourite Portfolio Link ?

So no big Post today Just
a small Sunday Portfolio Link. Bigger post tomorrow
again with five new Images from the Creative Photo-walk day !!
Have fun


This Photographer and digital artist is based in USA and has a big range of
Different types of Work and I have to say I get most Inspiration from Dave.
He is a really great Digital Artist it is definitely
worth it to have a look at his work.
Personally for me his underwater work is the
best at the moment, and don't forget
Dave also has a Behind the Scenes Section.

So hope to see you Tomorrow again
cheers Manni

Friday, October 22, 2010

Link Tip's

Hey Guy's
Today I really took some time to show you some
some link tip's and Blogs that I follow now after
calvin, told me about them and this is what he
was saying about them....
Hope there is something for everyone
So, have fun with the post and don't forget to
leave some feedback



This is one of the Best community for Post Production ( Photoshopping )
from which he Knows, he can really say how much he learned from this
Page and how much Contact's he created throw it.
They also host regular Webinar's for small prizes.
Calvin's words where what a great page.


Could be one of the biggest Art Community on the Planet.
you could find everything there, from brushes, textures,
Stockfotos for practise or just some inspiration throw
great Pictures. In the beginning you might have a problem
finding your way around but it's worth it, so calvin's word's


When you guy's think about business Xing is the best place.
it is like facebook but just for business use only, just imagine you
get to meet someone and directly talk about business with him .
How about that ? You can also just have a small chat for the start
and later talk about business but this Platform is really just for
business use and to get in contact with other business People.
Calvin say's, it is a really great place to get to know other each other
and the best thing about it, is you can directly see who has new and
interesting Business contact's, and that is where your Network start's.



You can't go wrong with him, you will have to pay 17 dollars per month
and you will find the best material of photography and photoshop. How it works ?
Login and register and find a big range of online training's which you can see
throw an online stream.

This is a Platform where I actually never miss a video, If you guy's signup
It might cost you something, but still everyone has to decide that for himself.
I personally Think that more Education is better than technique.



Calvin say's : There are so many Bogs into that I look
and this one is one of my favourite's
Blog's it is so open, neat good structured, always
filled with new Information and it is so
good written and entertaining plus the best thing about it is, it's
always active and you will always find a new great Post's


Calvin is not totally sure if this Page should fit into
Portfolios or Blog's, But anyway
on this page you will find a lot of great Portfolios,
well actually more Pictures and
Photo's but it's a good Site.


Here you will find a lot of tutorials, and sometimes really
great one's and some small nice Interviews or features.
But I Think this is one of the most active
Blog in Photoshopping - Tutorials.


On this blog you will find some information that you
will not find so easy somewhere
else, You might even find a video or Interview which can
be up to 90min so have some time !
Chase is a brilliant Photographer how also host really good Trainings


Calvin does not Follow this blog for a long time now, but that what he has see'n
was really good and great. Very good videos and Post's about Photography,
Post production and video editing.


Sometimes some German Post's but mostly english and very nicely written and
always active. See for your self .


This is a German Blog but it is Calvin's studio's Blog.
The studio is called Weisches Lischt which means Soft Light.
try it you might find one or two interesting video's here and some more
Information about calvin's Photography Life.

So Guy's I hope you can Find some interesting Links in today's Post.
On the Next Blog Post's I will post about some of the best
Post production Portfolio's
and some Favourites.

Thank's Guys
Cheers Manni

Sunday, October 17, 2010

CJ - Taylor Shooting

Hey Guy's

CJ - Taylor Shoot in
Calvin's Studio " WeischesLischt "
From the group Rapsoul, Now going solo CJ - Taylor had a Test
shoot with calvin and his Lightguide Matthias and last week.
They worked with Hensel Studio light equipment and I had to
Assist with some California Sunbounce Reflector.

So the First and most important Part on the day was to get to know each other
to have a chat about another Feature on a shoot. But still some good
Images where shoot and those where Directly Edited in the Studio more will follow
soon this week on The Blog.

Here a Making of image from the Shoot with an California Sunbounce Reflector.

We wish Cj good luck with his Solo Career and his New Album Which is
coming out in January 2011.

Thanks Guys
Cheers Manni

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Marc Terenzi and Jason Mercurio

Hey Guys
Today I want to show u the First
Finished Images from the Marc Terenzi shoot
On-top of that some info about the Image
How Calvin and his Partner Matthias created them
and I had the honor to assisted them
Let me Know what you guys think about it
Have fun

So the shooting with Marc Terenzi is almost a week ago and
I have some first Finished Images, the shoot was in
the German Theme park "Europapark ".
Marc, his Friend Jason and around 12
Vampire Actors waited to get photographed.
For Location we had a big showroom with
3 ghost houses, cornfield and a scrapyard.

We had lot's of the studio equipment with us 3 studio Lights, 2 Portable Beauty
dishes and many Different Softboxes so actually nothing could go wrong.
After a small tour Through the locations we started Thinking
( wow, ok this will not be an easy shoot )
The light in the showroom was not really bright enough and not really muddy so
we had to shoot with some extra Speed flashes and had a shutter time of
1sec - to 1,5 sec.. then the Focus was another big problem it was
too dark for the focus so we had to lighten up the models with a torch..

The first Image that I want to show you Guys was shot with 2 speed flashes
and an iso of 1000 so we could get a bit of the ambient light.

For the second Image we had a small studio setup on location.
We first Photographed them on the Location and after that in our 3 - Light setup
for some extra's we used those to do some more Postproduction on them.

The last Image was in one of the ghost houses " on Location "
Here we also had to fight with the light situation so we used a Studio light
with a Beauty dish and 1 sec shutter speed.

So, after all the shoot was quite quick and enjoyable
but the worst part of the shoot was that the theme music was playing the whole
time so we really had the feeling of being in a horror Life for one day.
Hope you guys enjoy this one !

Thank's Guys
Greets Manni

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Interview with Natalia Taffarel

Hey Guys
So what's up today....
Some High End Retouching

I have a interesting video Interview for you featuring Natalia Taffarel.
She talks about her life her way and how she made her way up to the Top.

How to become a Professional High End Retoucher.

- Klick to see Video - On Calvin Hollywood's Podcast Page

more info about Natalia Taffarel
on her Website -

or old Portfolio - Klick

and a small Video Tutorial
how to turn White skin
into Black skin.

Thanks Guy's
Greets Manni

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Spending a day as a Personal Coacher

Hey Guys..
So what was happening yesterday Calvin
and I had to give a Personal Coaching.. With an extra
afternoon of just Post Production and Photoshop.
The hole day Included Planning, Location scouting, Light setup
and pure photoshopping.

So we Started around 11am at a german harbor in Mannheim
which was not far from studio so, first of we
did some more easy and emotional Images
with a big Softbox - The sky

After That we went over to a bit bigger and stronger Light
we used a portable Flash light with a battery Pack
and fixed a beauty dish to it.
After that we made a more Emotional grunge, contrast image
infront of a big old rusty garage door.

All of these Images are only Photoshop around 10-15min.
Now these images where all shot in the shade,
so we went over to a bit sunnier location to get some
really nice contrast and Backlighting

This image was also shoot with a Beauty dish here some
behind the scene pictures and I hope u liked the post,
Will definitely also host some Personal workshops in
South Africa and Namibia from 2011 on ..

Thanks Guys

Monday, October 4, 2010

Assisting Hollywood.....

Hey Guys ,
Like I sad From now on I will Blog at-least
2-3 time's in the week and keep you guys updated with latest news
and live Shoot's all around Manni-Photography's Life.
So what are the Latest News I am still in Germany - Schwetzingen
and work in the studio Weischeslischt and

assist the great Photographer Calvin Hollywood
I have the honor to Bring his English blog back to life
so if you Guys are interested in learning more about his
Techniques and style start following his and my Blog...

My First Blog Entry on the English Hollywood Blog was
today and hope you guys dig it !!

What happened after Photokina
Day 1 - Studio introduction Oftersheim
Day 2 - Shoot with Marc Terenzi Horror Night in the
German Fun Park - Europa Park .... wow seriously guys
this is the best park ever and Really scary Horror Place !
Day 3 - More studio Work

Pics and more news will be posted soon !!
Stay Tuned

Free Tutorials - YouTube