Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hey Everyone ...
Just a small thank you to all of you
For the Support and Help...
Manni-Photography has his first
Image published in the South African

It's just the beginning
and a small step further.
Thanks Guy's..

Camelthorn Beer 2

Hey Guys, Today
I have a new Camelthorn Image for you.

Some words about the light setup.
Two lights on this set. One to give a nice backlighting
and one front almost top lighting, some black
cardboard to give it a nice rim-lightand a
big glass at the bottom to get anice reflection.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Panoramic - Images

Hey guy's hope u all doing well ...
Sorry for not blogging at all the last view days...
I Was busy on some other shootings ...
Well for today I have some PANORAMIC Images..

It is actually a very easy Image to make...
First you need a nice location or Idea of what u want to take.
Then you will need to have a tripod with a spirit level.
Mount your camera to the Tripod and start shooting from
the right hand side to the left hand side and have a look at your spirit level
that it always stays in level with your Frame.

If you don't have a tripod.... don't freak out....
you could also do it without a tripod but...
when you get to the Photoshop Part, and you have to merge them
you will have some Trouble fitting them together...
How to Merge them in Photoshop will be posted soon...
On Photoshop - Part 2 ..." Tip of the month "

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Philippa Müller

..It's " GUEST BLOG WEDNESDAY " featuring

Philippa Müller

Junior upcoming Artist and Model

Philippa has her Natives in Namibia and was born on a Farm,

north-western of Namibia. She never shared similar interest

like normal farm children, in getting her little dresses as filthy as

possible by playing in the bush. She rather attended Ballet

classes at the age of 5 years and moved on towards playing

inline and ice hockey at a later stage of her life.

Other side line activities where playing piano, violin

and recorder but never continued her interest up to today.

She spent quite some time in a Hostel in

Otjiwarongo, Namibia and completed her

high school career in Cape Town, South Africa.

“I have always been very fond of the

camera…” Philippa states, “…being either

in front or behind the actual taking of the footage.”

Philippa has had her first encounter in the modelling industry

at the age of seventeen, with the Social-Content Platform- Philippa travelled France where she had

a basic insight into the French language and the

vast French culture. Nonetheless, she is still completing

her Batchelor of Arts Motion Picture Degree,

in the fields of Cinematography.

As a junior upcoming model she partook in the

Ms Longbeach pageant and won herself the 2006 head-title.

Further opportunities arose from thereon, as she

received the chance to participate in the

FHM Models competition 2010 where she

sailed right through to the Top Ten.

“It is a great honour for me to have accomplished

this step in life as well as to work with the FHM Crew.”

This has definitely opened some doors for Philippa

and further Interests can be gathered at the

official FHM Homepage at Philippa’s FHM Profile.

Should anyone consider to find out more about

her and the field of modelling or the field of Arts

then you may contact Philippa on her Facebook Page.

The personality traits of Philippa can be considered

as a ‘fascinated and honest’ personality. Her active

lifestyle revolve around dancing and fishing,

which we at Manni-Photography find quite supportive

since it isn’t usual to see such likings in Junior upcoming

Models. Philippa’s last statement made us dazzle

with amazement “I am interested in many forms of creativity.

Without sport, I start fading. True happiness and

harmony is the most important thing to me.”

… what true statements they indeed are! We wish

Philippa all the best for her upcoming career

opportunities and great successes along the way.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Photoshopping - Part 1 " TIP OF THE MONTH "

Hey Everyone, This Image is just a
big Photoshop Experiment... I Wanted to show u guys
That there is a possibility of photoshopping in other objects !!

Like for Example I tryd to take a Image of someone
being angry and trying to break his keyboard.
But I didn't< /span> want to break my own , So I took some
snap shot's of my Keyboard and other
parts and Photoshopt it in..
Here are the snap shots !!!

Free Tutorials - YouTube