Sunday, December 19, 2010

Latest News - The Road Trip

Hey guys

So as you noticed there is not

too much going on at the moment

- I would say it's because of the christmas time -

but at least I do have some Latest News

for you guys.

Latest News

- Website -

So as from Late January, Beginning of February

on, the waiting will be over and the new manniphotography

website will be active and ready for it's first visitors

and hopefully open for business .. : )

- Logo -

Then manniphotography logo will change soon...

Logo is currently in development stage, and I do get to see

some ideas about the new Logo now and then ..

so don't be confused when things look different the next time..

- Blog -

Manniphotography Blog will move to a new Domain and

will have some changes, but for sure and more Improved Blog

with small extras and guys everyone will be informed

before these changes do happen, so stay tuned on this one.

As From the christmas time I " manni " am also on

my way home to my family in Namibia.. So I thought

i'll take some snap shots for my german readers of the

road trip that I did from Cape Town to Windhoek

which is about 1500 km away and quite a long

road from South Africa to Namibia

so I hope you enjoy the pics.

Starting at 4 : am driving out of cape town

sunrise at 5 : am still in a happy mood.. : )

and on and on and on

700 km down and finally half way
welcome to Namibia and on it goes to
Windhoek - Capital city of Namibia

and finally just another 200 km to go so everything

was good and I will post some new news soon

hope you enjoyed the pics and that everyone

has a wonderful Christmas.

Thanks guys

Cheers manni

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Distance - Latest News

Hey Guys
Hope you all good and
enjoy your christmas time !

So after this long time of Nothingness you all must be thinking
this blog has crashed... : ( ... but no I didn't just took me a bit of time
to get back from Germany to Namibia and now South africa.
And for those how have not yet been to this side of the
world - Internet is just a huge struggle here !!!
But finally I have internet again and can
post some Latest News.

- Last week -

Some of my German readers where
interested in some quick shoot's from the flight
and how everything goes down here so I took some snap
shoots with my phone - enjoy

Take-off Frankfurt Airport

Currently flying over Namibia Owamboland

Owamboland part 2

- Stop in Walvis bay after Windhoek International Airport -

Finally arriving in Cape Town and now still jumping
around getting things back to normal again,
but for this week still working on all these concepts
that will take place soon and will change a lot around here.

So I hope you enjoyed the post and feel free to leave
some feedback see you soon. Thanks Guys
Cheers Manni

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