Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Link

Hey Guys
It's Sunday again and
I have a new Portfolio link
for you guys hope you enjoy it.

Wow what a greets photographer
he really has a vast variety of images,
i really enjoy going through his Portfolio
for me the Entertainment and Advertising
sections are the best with really stunning images
good ideas, concepts and has a good touch of
Post - Production but also a very unique style
so have a peek ist awesome.

ok guys I hope you enjoyed the link and I
think some of you guys must be thinking and
what happened with the friday post ??
Yes that's right I did't post anything because
our Internet CRASHED, but therefor I will post
my super story tomorrow so hope to see you back
then thanks guys and enjoy your sunday !!

Thanks Guys
Cheers Manni

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Latest News

Hey Guys
Today I have some latest
news for you and a small question to all
my blog readers that I have out there so hope you
enjoy it and have fun.


So as from Thursday on I will be back
on my own feet and will not be assisting
Mr.Hollywood anymore " my time is up "
but more about that in Fridays blog post.

Then Manni-Photography is on the search for a
new logo so as from latest next year on
I will most probably have a new logo
so don't be afraid if things do change around here
my blog and website might to, they will not vanish but
most probably move to a new location, but
don't worry I will inform everyone before these
changes do happen. Why the changes because I
think my Photography will reach a new level now
and throughout that the Blog and Website will to !
With many more things like tutorials, download sections
and so on, so stay tuned guys and I think from 2011 onwards
you might find some really Interesting and good
work material here, and of course I will post more about
my Everyday Photography life and behind the scene clips
form shooting's, Lightsetup's, a lot of Post-Production
stuff like Photoshop, Lightroom, and so on.


I was wondering who of my blog readers is from
where on the world and what would you guys
like to see more in my blog post's ?

so ok guys that's it for today
please feel free to right and comment
anything that you think should be added !

Thanks guys
Cheers Manni

Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend Event

Hey Guys
So it's Monday again
and today it's not the biggest post but
I want to show you a bit what happened in
my weekend. So as some of you might know
already from twitter I spend my weekend with
an HUGE Event in Saarbruecken in germany
in really great Studio called

Where we Hosted a event which was over 2 days
and where we showed some Life Photo shootings
some Photoshoping some Lightroom workflow,
social media Workflow, How to get contacts, tips and tricks
working with models, working with clients, preparing
workshops, hosting workshops and way more.
I think it was a really fun filled event with a lot
of Hobby and Professional Photographer and
personally for me, the best part about it is you
can create a contact with everyone and get to
meet so many new photographer and people from
agencies, and people that just work in the same field,
Which could always help and maybe even open a next door !!
well ok enough of that for now here are some
behind the scene Images.. Have fun

So guys not the biggest post but Hope you liked
it feel free to leave me some comments or
any feedback that you have.

Thanks Guys
Cherrs Manni

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Link

Hey Guys
Yeah you right it's sunday
again and today I do have that special Portfolio
link that I promised to post, Hope you
enjoy this one.

WOW, this Portfolio is really a must
I think this one is one of the best Portfolio's that I have
seen in a while, these guys are really good in combining
3D, CGI, and Photography in one part.
I am not sure how much of it is real or not I can't
even say, but it looks so good, no really good. They have
a very clean and fine Post - Production and like always
the best section for me is the ADVERTISING section
so have fun Guys.

So Guys I hope that you liked the Sunday link
and feel free to leave a feedback here and
I would love to see some
of your favorite Links.

Thanks Guys
Cheers Manni

Friday, November 19, 2010

Practicing with Test- Shoots

Hey Guys
Today I just have a
small post about some work
that I did last year around this
time for Practice and Test-Shoots
I think test shoots are always a essential
thing to do no matter how good or bad you
are in your Photography staged it will just help
to get better and better and progress
quicker on your next shooting and your
planning might also benefit from it.

What do I mean with that ?

Before you go out on a shooting
you will mostly have a concept and Know
how to place your light setup. Right ?
So for this case a Test - Shooting
could help a lot in your Pre - Planning
so for all of you that have never tried it before
go out some time and just have a test
shoot, Here are some of my test shoot's
that I tried in the beginning with some ambient light !!

So guys hope you liked the post today and
could see that it takes a lot of Photography and
lighting Practice to get better and better.
Fell free to ask me some questions if there are
any maybe I can help you and feel free to
leave other feedback here .

Thanks Guys
Cherrs Manni

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Time to Shoot - Personal Coaching

Hey Guys
In todays Post
I want to give you a small
behind the scene's preview of
the latest shooting that we had in studio

So on Monday we had a quick
shoot with Model Nati, we had her for a
Test shooting on a Personal Coaching
nothing big but just a shooting to test light setup
camera equipment, Lightroom and practice it a bit.
so here some behind the scene Pix

Model Nati and the Photographer how
booked the Personal Coaching session.

We call it
" shoot into Lightroom "
which means that all images are directly
traveling through a usb Cabel or Bluetooth to the
Mac into Adobe Lightroom software and are directly
viewable on a bigger display " the mac screen "
Most Photographers use this technique to give
there clients a quick preview on the shooting and
your client can directly say whether he's happy
or not on the shoot, and this will help you
to progress quick and no Problem after the

Then for the Light setup we used a 3 - light setup
with 2 - Strip lights in the background to get some nice
fill from the sides and to bring light onto
the background and a Octabox infront for the fill
" main light "and heres the Final
Image after A bit of

So Guys I hope you like the post
and learned a bit from it and please feel free
to leave some feedback or questions if you have some.
And Guys PLEASE let me now if you are interested in
a specific Topic, Task or what ever it is,
maybe I can help.
Thanks guys
Cheers Manni

Monday, November 15, 2010

My Blog On Your CELLPHONE !

Hey Guys
It's Monday again and
for some people not the best
day of the week, well same here hate
Monday's but for today I can at least say
from now on you guys can always stay
On top of my Blog Posts and read my Blog
directly from your cellphone through

Yes thats right through Facebook
Because now I do have my own blog section
in Facebook and you guys don't need to upload this
hole Blog Page anymore, just straight through Facebook
Isn't this great ? And when you are at home and
browsing around on Facebook or maybe on my
Manni - Photography Page have a look
you can also read it directly there under the
RSS\Blog section and don't need to open
my Blogger Page - Well but I would be
glad if you would !! hehe : )

So here is how it works
First go to Facebook Page - Click
and navigate to the top bar.

Then find the Section called RSS\Blog
and Click on that..

And after that the Blog section should Open
and you can directly read, Comment
Like, Share and more !!

Thanks Guys hope you liked this
Blog post and feel free to tap the Like button
at the bottom or leave some feedback

Thanks Guys
Cheers Manni

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Link

Hey Guys
So it's sunday again and I
have a new website link for you
and it's all about

In his portfolio you will also
find a lot of CGI - Computer - Generated Imagery
it is so worth it to have a deeper look into his portfolio
personally for me the CGI - gallery is the best
but I do have another favorite CGI - Link
but more about that next Sunday. On Tom Nagy's
website you will also find a Making of section
which could be a help to some of you how are a bit
interested in what and how he shots !!

So Guys I hope you enjoyed the
Link and next sunday it will be a bit more about
CGI - Images for those how are interested in that Direction
so stay tuned in ... hehehe : ) and I
HOPE you guys will leave some of your favorite
portfolio links here in the comment box..

Thanks guys and enjoy
the rest of your sunday
Cheers Manni

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Schooling Part 2 WORKSHOP

Hey Guys
Today I want to talk about
the schooling one's more, not about
the online schooling but about another schooling
that we had this week, which was a workshop
" schooling " In the Studio - Topic was
Photoshop - Plugins and in this post I just
want to explain it a bit more in detail.

What is a Workshop " Photography workshop " ?

Ok Basically a Photography Workshop is
all about a photographer showing his
workflow his tricks and tips how he
works plus more ! It always depends on what
the workshop is based on.
Post Production " Photoshopping "
light setup, basic Photography, lightroom,
Bridge, wedding or what ever it is..
There are so many topics that a
workshop can have !

How does a Workshop work ?

Professional and hobby
Photographers gather together at a certain
Studio and get to meet each other and
the Photographer hosting the Night event
after that, most of them have found a place to sit
and the presentation can begin, some people
bring there laptop or macbook with and can
directly Photoshop with and can take part.
For those how are not there with a laptop
" Don't worry you will have time to write the steps down "
everything goes very slow and fits into a time
limit of two to three hours which are not to long.
there is something to drink and snacks too to eat so
that everyone feels happy and relaxed and most
importantly there is a really relaxed and chilled
vibe, with small breaks so that everyone
can ask questions in-between.
The presentation is shown via a beamer
and everyone can see really good on a big screen and
the seats are in a U - Shape so that everyone is
involved and part of the Photoshop round.

Am I good enough for a Workshop ?

Yes everyone that feels like learning more about
the given topic " eg : Photoshoping, Photography '' feel
free to contact the host person, book and just join
and you will have fun and learn something !!

What do I need ?

You need nothing just join and if you feel like it
you might bring your macbook and camera with
to be a bit better prepared !!

What will I learn ?

That will always depend on the topic but
a lot of new tricks and tips and most probably
you will take a quicker workflow with home.

Will there be any Extras ?

Most Workshops have a Extra cd with Tutorials
more tips and tricks and the hole Workshop
ones more in a slower version !

Will I Benefit from it ?

I would say YES if you book the right Workshop
you will definitely take a lot with home from A to Z
and the best part is that you might even
make some new contact's which is so so
important in this business !!

So Guys I hope I made a Workshop
look a bit interesting for you guys and I
will definitely host some next year in Namibia and
South Africa so for all those how are interested in some
Please let me know in what Topics and Where !!!
will be so happy to see some feedback here again.

Thanks guys
Cheers Manni

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Online - Schooling

Hey Guys
In Today's Blog post it's all
about online schooling I want to show and
talk a bit about my first Online - schooling that I
had last night here in Gemany.

How does it work ?

There is a room in the Internet that
you can pay for and you will be given a
Link to chat room and automatically you are the
admin and leader of this chat room " show Place "
after you have confirmed everything you can
start hosting night or daily Online meetings
for any business, you can invite your clients or partner
basically anyone that you have to and directly start a
meeting through the web and show you work via
a life screen cast and chat all the way
along and talk with it too.

In our Case..

We hosted a Life Photoshopping session Where
other Professional Photographers and hobby
Photographers linked up to this Chat room and we
basically hosted a two and a half hour photoshop
session. With the theme Project Photographer
where we showed the Photographic part
with lighting and the hole setup and after that
we did a life Post Production session with
small breaks, so that those how had questions
could ask them and everyone could chat a bit about it !

Here a few Images

This was the example that we worked out
all the way through from the beginning to the end.
This included the Photographic Part and Post Production " Life "

Here is a Snap shot of my screen which shows the chat room
filled with clients " have a look on the right had side "
and in the middle you can see the chat's going on.
On the left side you can download some videos form this event
showing most of it in a quick extra video and at the top
we had a Screen shot of the High end resolution Image
that was always available for a quick preview.

Here again a quick screen shot of my screen showing the
Life Post Production work in Photoshop " and this is how everyone was
seeing the life presentation " we had around 50 guest last night.
Here the last image shows the way it looked on the second Screen
where the Photoshoping happened.

So guys I hope this post was a bit useful and please feel free to
ask question about this and I would love to read some feedback here.
or maybe just a Facebook Like ? : ) hehehe..and I
hope to host some Photography Online - schooling
soon in south africa !!!

Thanks Guys
Cheers Manni

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